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​Twelve SPV Sectors For Long Term Ecosystem Stability

​The Alitheia Ecosystem for Small to Medium Sized Businesses ​is an environment provided by Alitheia Holdings, Inc. to allow small to medium sized businesses access to the Global Capital Markets. ​Alitheia Holdings will provide first round financing to small to medium sized business in various stages of development in eight key marke​ts. ​​​By lending in these eight sectors, Alitheia Holdings, Inc. will assemble a broad and diverse portfolio of perfected notes. In addition to lending, Alitheia may participate in select opportunities within the portfolio, but is not necessarily acquiring equity in any one project that joins the Alitheia Ecosystem. Once joining the ecosystem, the participant will create a Single Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and file a 506c Regulation D Offering and all the subsequent documents. This will allow the company to ​generally advertise their offering, accepting only accredited and institutional investors, the participating company will be promoted to the Alitheia Ecosystem participating investors (all accredited and / or institutional investors)​. In 2017, there were 37,785 Regulation D offeringsreported on Form D filings, accounting for more than $1.8 trillion raised in new capital, and in 2019, Alitheia Holdings is proud to offer a clear and affordable  path forward to leverage the 506c Instrument on the Blockchain for small to medium sized businesses in all phases of development seeking capital.

​The Alitheia Ecosystem for Accredited and​ Institutional Investors ​is an environment provided by Alitheia Holdings, Inc. designed specifically to qualify, prepare,  present and hedge investment risk in Main Street businesses in all phases of business development for Accredited and Institutional Investors by allowing businesses seeking capitalization ​through the Ecosystem to issue instruments convertible to Alitheia Tokens, which allow the small business to offer a guaranteed interest rate, asset backing, and gold conversion of their investors' investment. Alitheia Holdings is actively building a network of Accredited and Institutional Investors in ​the Ecosystem and is targeting a representative value within the ecosystem of ten billion dollars (10B USD) in available capital by year's end in 2019.  Investors will enjoy a healthy, guaranteed interest rate, guaranteed by bonds, all of which will be insured, dividends of up to five percent (5%) of the general fund's performance, the ability to convert their investment to physic​al gold. (Time Restriction Applies), as well as earning dividends on the individual projects (when not investing in an Alitheia Holdings project). Alitheia Holdings is proud to offer the Alitheia Token as a one of a kind crypto-asset, offering a guaranteed interest rate, asset backed, gold convertible security to the Accredited Investor Community. 

Precious metals ​​have ​​​always been among the top five investments one can make. Alitheia Holdings will extract, refine, and store precious metals as one of the four key pillars of the portfolio's ​investment strategy. Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium represent the key interests currently being developed.  Looking at the current state of world affairs, with a specific focus on the United States and the  ​out-of-control spending which has increased the US debt to over $20 trillion with the US paying $73.9 million to China alone, every day,  just to cover interest on debt owed, coupled with the fact that Society is investing more in metals to hedge against the looming market collapse that is constantly talked about, reinvestment in precious metals development and production is a top priority of the Alitheia Holdings Investment Plan. 

​Clean Water ​is vital to the survival of the human race. For every one gallon of clean water, ready and available for drinking, there are eighty six gallons of contaminated water not fit to drink. About 70% of our planet's surface area is water, and about ninety percent of all surface water is ocean water, and therein lies the second of the four pillars. Investing in water cleaning technologies, water sale and delivery, and water discovery Alitheia's key impact investment model is long term, bonded, public-private partnerships and joint ventures in emerging nations, drought stricken regions, and areas where water borne illnesses are prevalent. Each of these projects' principal will be bonded and represent decades of residual cash flow to the fund.

​Commercial Real Estate ​is another important sector in the Alitheia Fund, focusing on​ investing as a limited partner with ​​sophisticated groups with proven track records. This gives ​Alitheia the ability to mitigate some risk by teaming up with battle-tested investing real estate veterans and scale the Real Estate portfolio ​by passively investing through real estate operators, ​Alitheia is now able to freely select asset type, geography and business plan. ​ On July 25th, 2018, the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) ​released the second quarter 2018 results for the NCREIF Property Index (NPI). The NPI reflects investment performance for 7,672 commercial properties, totaling $581 billion of market value. Alitheia Holdings will identify key operating partners in the sector and invest in those companies as well as their projects directly. 

​Agricultural Investments ​are a critical component to Alitheia's philosophy on responsible investing. ​ With each passing year, the world​ has sought to feed more people with less land, so the interest in agriculture production as an investment has grown right along with the world population, and Alitheia is answering the call. By investing in sharecropping partnerships, farming REITs, and agricultural futures and  ETFs create a well balanced portfolio dedicated to responsible non-GMO agricultural development.  Like water, these investments represent the production of the most base of needs, food.

​Energy Development ​is defined as the production of conventional, alternative and renewable sources of energy, and for the recovery and reuse of energy that would otherwise be wasted. This approach to investing in energy embodies the "all of the above" mentality for meeting the growing energy demands of the planet. From the United States to emerging nations, the growing demand for more efficient energy is undeniable​;  to meet the rising energy demands, the world must invest $37 trillion in related production and supply infrastructure across all sectors of the energy industry over the next two decades. Over half of that total — $19 trillion — will be required by the oil and gas sector for exploration, transportation, and production increases. The remainder will go toward the electricity sector, with $17 trillion slated to be invested in upgraded natural gas and renewable generation, and an upgraded transmission and distribution network that maximizes efficiency slated to be invested in 2019 globally  for upgraded natural gas and renewable generation, and an upgraded transmission and distribution network that maximizes efficiency in the United States.

  • ​According to Charles Schwaab ​the potential increase in energy demand is being fueled by the growing U.S. economy, and the rise in developing nations will need more energy as they improve their infrastructure and modernize their economies and rising geopolitical tensions​ could result in higher oil prices in 2019.
  • Alitheia will give considerable attention to Midstream Oil and Gas Investments because midstream MLP managers’ revenues function like a toll road, and they collect fees as they move, store or process energy. The volume of traffic, not the price of what’s being transported, determines the amount of toll revenue they generate. and there is strong demand for more efficient infrastructure with over $95 billion in growth spending announced to date

​Private Equity ​​Investors completed 2,247 deals  in 1H 2018 that totaled a combined $263.9 billion in value. That marked a 2% increase in volume and 6% decrease in value compared to 1H 2017. In 1H 2018, 23% of all PE deals were growth equity rounds, above the 10-year trailing average of 22% marking tremendous opportunity for an ​investor to participate in growth funding of mid sized businesses with an eye toward buyouts. The median buyout size in 1H amounted to $197.1 million, a 31% increase compared to 2017's full-year figure.​  

  • ​With some $621 billion raised for private equity funds last year, 2017 finally surpassed the longstanding fundraising record of 2008, when $557 billion, was raised across all PE strategies and regions, according to the estimates of Triago, ​a fund advisory founded in 1992​.
  • According to Forbes ​2019 should set a new annual fundraising record of $750 billion, based on Triago’s calculations of rising allocations to PE from existing investors and estimates of fresh capital from new investors.
  • The PE asset class offers the ability to gain investment exposure to the most entrepreneurial sectors of the economy, a critical component to the investment philosophies of Alitheia, impact investment for startups and early stage entrepreneurs is a hallmark of Alitheia Holdings PE portfolio.

​Data Management investments represent one of the least talked about gems in the investment opportunity world. Investing in data technologies for marketing, security, modeling, and ​​​risk management in the age of Big Data only makes sense, and 2019 is poised to be a breakout year with major releases from players like AWS, Google, IBM, and Microsoft all investing heavily in Commercial AI applications for businesses, the derivative datasets will only accelerate the growth of the Big Data sector.

  • ​According to a Gartner survey, over 75% of organizations worldwide are either investing or are planning to invest in big data by the end of 2018. 
  • International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that the global revenues for big data and analytics will grow from $130.1 billion in 2016 to over $203 billion by the end of 2020, at a CAGR rate of 11.7%.  
  • Data monetization is expected to become one of the major revenue sources, as the data volume is predicted to rise from mere 10 zettabytes in 2015 to staggering 180 zettabytes by 2025, also according to IDC.
  • Forbes reported that approximately 83% of the companies across the globe are actively prioritizing data initiatives with high importance.

​Internet Technology ​is a perpetual cornucoppia of investment opportunity.​ IoT, SAAS, Decentralization, ​and Tokenization​ represent the key investment focus for Alitheia Holdings. The next Internet is being born right now, and there has never been more opportunity to get in on the ground floor of technological innovation. Small firms of ten or less are creating some of the most exciting technologies in these spaces and are largely undercapitalized. Investing in decentralization at its core, is not just investing in blockchain, which is built on decentralization principles and utilizes crowd-sourcing to achieve tasks, as opposed to relying on a central authority or entity. Blockchain really isn’t the paradigm shift, the paradigm shift is from centralization to decentralization, but rather is investing in companies that leverage the principles of decentralization for their core technology, like blockchain did.  Uber, Lyft, AirBnb, Crowdfunding, just to name a few big names who embraced decentralization principles are good examples of what Alitheia will be investing in. Finally, tokenization rounds out the Internet Technology portfolio. Tokeni​zing is the process of substituting an important and sensitive piece of data with a non-sensitive equivalent. Tokenization is becoming an increasingly important tool to prevent fraud and materially affects companies spread out across the retail, payments, medical, and financial industries.

  • According to Motley Fool, by 2020, it's estimated there will be 20 billion IoT devices. Spending on the IoT has risen steadily. In 2009, IoT accounted for about $18 billion in sales; in 2017, that number grew to $1.1 trillion, and spending is expected to hit $1.71 trillion by 2019. 
  • According to market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), sales for the SaaS industry stood at $67 billion in 2015. Over the course of just one year, it increased 27% to $85 billion and the firm believes that by 2021, it will grow all the way to $200 billion (19% Annual Growth)

​Why High Finance Belongs on The Blockchain

Unprecedented Transparency

Companies that continue to wrestle with whether they must transparently disclose reliable information about their business footprint are missing a dangerous point. They’re breaking the law. While several non-financial reporting regulations have recently been enacted, including the UK Modern Slavery Act, you can go all the way back to the 2010 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act where its legislature reminded companies that slavery and human trafficking were already crimes; that several California based companies were breaking them; and that consumers, absent of public disclosures made by these same companies, were inadvertently sanctioning such crimes through their purchase of products.

If this is the new standard that market forces are demanding with their wallets, legislatures are demanding with laws, not just in the United States, but globally, what better solution than the BlockChain.  When coupling a globally accepted BlockChain like Ethereum with the Inter-Planetary File System, (commonly referred to as IPFS), the solution begins to take shape for the world of High Finance. The Alitheia Fund.

Alitheia Holdings, Inc. wholly embraces the philosophy of complete transparency in investing. All proposals, term sheets, contracts, receipts, transfers, payments, financials, and relevant reports are all recorded to IPFS, which being decentralized in and of itself creates a permanent record of every handshake in a deal, and is indexed on the Ethereum BlockChain for permanent reference that anyone in the world can look up and verify the status of any project within the Alitheia Fund. 

Further yet, every monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting from every project entity within the fund is verified and certified by an independent accounting and investment firm providing two additional levels of investor protection. Without the completion of this accounting process, profit taking will not occur. This element alone sets the Alitheia standard of Fiduciary Responsibility miles above any other fund on Wall Street.

Immutable Accounting

The word “immutable” is heard frequently when people speak about blockchain. The consistency of the blockсhain structure implies the inability to make adjustments to the data after they are recorded in a distributed database. This is achieved due to the main property of blockchain — decentralization, when the individual parts of the network responsible for the authenticity of transactions are autonomous and not connected to a common server.

To protect data in blockchain, the author of the record creates an access key. If changes are made to the block, the previous key becomes invalid, and it becomes visible to all network participants who, by a simple majority of votes, may prevent any further unauthorized actions. Thus, it makes it impossible to proceed with changes to the information stored in the blocks, and this is one of essential qualities of blockchain as a technology.

This majority vote presents the primary vulnerability to the BlockChain, the 51% Attack. In a 51% Attack an attacker has accumulated more computing power in his hands than all the other members of the network combined: a sort of controlling interest of generating power. This would allow an attacker or a group of intruders are able to get 51 percent of a network’s mining hash rate in their hands, they can pretty much do as they please with the world of data within — from altering blocks to manipulating transactions. After all, the majority of votes are on their side.

The main thing protecting the Ethereum network is the lack of incentives to perform such an attack in the first place. To perform such an attack the attacker must be willing to dedicate a large amount of resources simply to destroy something. Unless they have a large financial advantage to gain from that destruction, those resources will largely be lost permanently to them when the network is destroyed. Against this type of attacker, the greatest weapon Ethereum has is the market price and issuance rate of Ether. The higher the market price, the more hashing power gets paid for, and the more expensive an attack becomes.

Immutable Rules Triggers & Events

The Alitheia Fund operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (commonly referred to as a DAO) operating Smart Contracts on the Ethereum BlockChain. All of the rules for the operation of a transparent, compliant and automated Investment Ecosystem exist in the Smart Contracts that comprise the software of the Alitheia Fund. This software automates approximately 90% of daily, monthly, and quarterly and annual events in the Investment World as required of Reporting Entitites to the SEC and FINRA.

The Smart Contract's source code is publicly available on GitHub for all to see, all the investment, profit and loss, operational flow, and expense calculus are readily availalbe for anyone to plug in the reported values and subsequent results, verify all the functions of the Smart Contract work as they should in any reputable Ethereum Testing environment, and the ability to see updates, developments, and improvements to the Alitheia Fund's source code over time.

Using multi-signature processes to finalize events once triggered is a hallmark of the Alitheia Standard to investor protections. Having two Chief level officers of the corporation certifying the event, and releasing the subsequent actions insures that the Fund software is running as coded. Once the rules are written to the Smart Contracts, the Parent Contracts govern their permanence. The fund can add rules to the Operational Flow, but can only remove a rule with unanimous authorization from all Chief Officers and the Board of Directors.

By leveraging the philosophy of decentralization and immutability of the BlockChain to secure the rules of a given investment strategy, investment, or operation built within the confines of the existing laws and regulations governing the world of High Finance investors will always be able to quantify their risk, ROI, and the overall performance of the fund against other investments both in and out of the Hedge Fund world.

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