About The Alitheia Hedge Fund

The Alitheia Fund is a diversified hedge fund investing in Precious Metals, Energy, Biomedical, Agriculture with a strong focus on hemp, and Clean Water, put on the block chain. Built on the Ethereum Platform investors, market makers, regulators, and the world can finally see the entire economic cycle of commodities production, globally. The Alitheia Project is proud to present the Alitheia Coin, the world’s best dividend bearing coin. Coupled with the Alitheia Loyalty program, your coin balance grows independently of the hedge fund performance, as well the dividends paid quarterly. Becoming a part of this exciting coin sale is as easy as filling out the contact form below. Our compliance department will be in touch with you to determine your eligibility to participate in our 506c Initial Coin Offering.

Our Target Sectors

Meet our Leadership Team

Ted Bernhard, CIO

Ted Bernhard is a seasoned business, securities and tax attorney and investment fund manager based in the Pacific Northwest, with a professional career spanning over two decades. He worked for over eight years as Managing Partner for four institutionally-backed venture capital funds in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, directing the Funds’ investment, legal, and financial activities as they invested in over 100 different companies. Ted also has been in private law practice for over fifteen years, focusing on business and real estate law.  


Jared Elkins, CEO

Born a natural entrepreneur with a passion for the web, Jared has gone from web development & SEO in '96 to data in ‘99 then fully immersed himself into everything internet by '05. All backed by personal studies of psychology and human behavior, Jared's work led him to design his first user data driven AI which ultimately became Sylvanus AI more than a decade later. In 2011, Jared moved into data hygiene and then cryptocurrency upon recognizing the potential for blockchain so he shifted his dedicated focus to developing a product that will provide a complete solution to the blockchain community.

Jay Byoun, CTO

Jay is a builder and provider of blockchain solutions who has worked closely with clients to design, develop, and implement the right collection of smart contract solutions to achieve the goals of their ambitious blockchain projects. Clients have successfully deployed custom governance smart contracts, custom ERC-20/ERC-721 tokens with administrative capabilities, token faucet solutions, and multi-signature wallets on the Ethereum platform.

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