Mr. Jared Elkins is President & CEO of Alitheia Holdings. Born marching to the beat of his own drum and hailing from Dallas TX, Mr. Elkins is a natural entrepreneur with a passion for the web. His career started as an early adopter of the Internet working part-time in web development and SEO in 1996. In ‘99 he went full-time and started working in data; backed by his personal studies of psychology and human behavior, he took the full plunge into everything Internet. In the mid-2000's, his work led him to design his first user data driven AI which ultimately became Sylvanus AI more than a decade later.

In 2011, Mr. Elkins moved into data hygiene and then found cryptocurrency marking a key turning point in his career and life. His natural drive for industry and market solutions inspired him to start a gold-backed coin in 2012 with the idea of creating the first “real” cryptocurrency as seen by the securities world, but it was ultimately nixed by legal counsel as premature, out of bounds of existing law, guidance, and the Department of Treasury in general. Needing to understand this rejection of what seemed to be such a complete solution, Mr. Elkins dove deep into investigating the Securities laws, case law, markets, and players involved concluding that perhaps the world just wasn't quite ready. So he continued with AI, data, and internet work ultimately perfecting his AI, which is modeled after the human hippocampus.

In 2015, Mr. Elkins started investing in cryptocurrency and recognized the massive potential for blockchain to operate and influence both his work and multiple industries, but it just wasn’t materializing.  In 2017, he merged his decades of tech expertise, with deep behavioral understanding, to focus his energy, intent, and efforts to create a global market changing movement to better humanity through ultimate transparency and truth.

Over the first nine months of 2018, Mr. Elkins worked tirelessly to design, build, and implement a hedge fund, blockchain, and cryptocurrency unlike any other. This massive project needed to include the highest standard of fiduciary and the most transparent transactional process (borderless; commodity agnostic; asset agnostic; currency agnostic; recorded on the blockchain). His efforts resulted in investors holding a coin that earned interest as well as a variable rate of return based on fund performance, hedge fund sector performance, and project performance. Built in Ethereum, with hard-coded smart contracts that are governed by ratified bylaws; strict adherence to the rules, regulations, and laws governing the US Securities Markets; requiring five keys to "turn" in every investment the fund makes (only in declared sectors), all platform functionality is focused on improving the Human Condition. For this reason, he chose Alitheia as the name for the project and his company, for its derivative meaning of "Truth" in Greek.

Creating a fair and just balance, the Alitheia Fund fills the missing components, answers the pending repetitive questions, and provides a complete solution to the blockchain community. The Alitheia Ethos: "Our mission is to decentralize commerce, currency and communication, based on truth and transparency."