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Business Developer

Join the Alitheia Ecosystem to help grow businesses and permanently protect your  relationships on the Alitheia Blockchain !

Asset Holders

Assigning your asset to the Ecosystem converts your asset into cash by underwriting leveraged acquisitions and transactions.

Accredited Investors

Rule 501 Accredited Investors can invest in Ecosystem Platforms Startups, SPE Growth, Transactional Joint Ventures, and SPACs.

 3C(7) Qualified Buyers

3C(7) Qualified  Buyers can invest in Alitheia Tokens, becoming a beneficiary of the Alitheia Token Holder's Trust, and earn fiat returns.

Investment Opportunities Are Now Available On the Alitheia Ecosystem

For Accredited Investors Only, Alitheia Holdings, Inc. has sourced, vetted, and proudly presents, on behalf of Ecosystem Entrepreneurs, 506C Regulation D Private Placement Investment Opportunities in various sectors. For More information about projects seeking funds, click through any of the sectors below or begin the on-boarding process as an Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Broker Dealer, Private Investor, Institutional Investor, or Lender today!


 The idea that we have been ruthlessly divided for the gain of a select few has never been more apparent, and the people are looking for solutions the world over, Politics, Religion, Finances, Employment, Health, Race, Creed... there is no end in sight to the variant cross sections the governing bodies of the world have created, and As the world continues to shift its positions, beliefs, and understandings of societal intricacies it becomes more and more apparent there is an awakening occurring everywhere; we have come to realize we are all human, we all bleed red, and we all want the same things out of life.   The Alitheia Project is committed to providing the Entrepreneurs of the world a vehicle that will allow them to create stability and foster civic improvements that will allow for personal growth, economic development, upward societal mobility, and the embrace of what it is to commit to improving the Human Condition. Everyday this movement is made apparent in new industries, locales, and cross sections of society, there has never been a better time to be alive, to fulfill one's maximum potential than the Twenty First Century, the world is ready for a new dawn. It is time to force the powers that be to acknowledge the truth, empowering Main Street with Wall Street Dollars, backed by Sovereign Assets, Global Commerce, Small Business Commerce, and Economic Development is a far better solution than a "Global Currency Reset".


High Finance absolutely belongs on the Blockchain. The encryption, the permanence, the transparency, the lower friction, and of course the scalability all lend themselves to improving the world's most important industry, the Financial Industry. The biggest question on everyone's mind, however, is not any of those issues. The real question is how do you convey value on the Blockchain?  This question was put forward by Chairman Clayton of the SEC and Chairman Giancarlo of the CFTC in on February 6, 2018, and there has been no real solution put forward that meets globally accepted valuation models until now. To properly protect investors and businesses, establish value, Net Absolute Value (NAV in financial industry terms), adhere to global industry standards, and of course provide profitable returns in a timely fashion alone is a Herculean task, but to create a Fintech solution on the shifting regulatory and legal sands surrounding Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technologies is nearly an impossible feat. Alitheia Holdings proudly presents the culmination of ten years of research, development, and business development to bring the world High Finance on the Blockchain; this includes: Private Placement Capital Raises, Negotiable Instrument driven leverage, Third Party Irrevocable Trusts for Asset and Investment Protections, Principal Player Certifications, Project Certifications, Capital Certifications, Project Certifications, Business Development, Vertical Integrated Capital and Insurance, a network of Lenders, Broker Dealers, Accredited Investors, and a seamless software interface connecting principals directly. The Alitheia Project tokenizes the Entrepreneurial Spirit on the Ethereum Blockchain and positions the Ecosystem Players for success.


How does one create a true Net Absolute Value in the world today? Nevermind the idea of real value for something as ethereal as a cryptocurrency, but in the wake of the massive global debt position of all the nations of the world, the only answer is to make available the collective total of assets and values in key markets that represent the mandatory spending of the population of the planet. By working with Sovereign Nations, Indigenous Peoples, Institutional Investors, Broker Dealers, Private and Institutional Lenders all to funnel investment capital to Small Businesses and Direct Business Development, globally, as well as long term acquisitions in key Global Assets a new investment stratagem is born; and, by applying conventional banking practices to create "Retail Leverage" the Alitheia Fund is able to directly funnel leveraged capital to Small to Medium Sized businesses to jumpstart the Global Recovery of Main Street. Globally Consumeable Commodities, Food, Water, Fuel, Energy, and Housing, think Maslow, represent the base cross section of commerce for the the Global Commerce Standard (GCS), all of these markets are publicly reported by third parties in the construct of Global GDP and present the macro analysis of Global Commerce. As the Alitheia Ecosystem adds more transactional platforms, the correlating global marketplaces will be added to the algorithm, providing an even more accurate of financial valuation. The core of the GCS is rooted in the Global Adoption of ASC606, the standardization of recognizing revenues. The global values, provided by various expected and trusted sources, coupled with the contractual obligations allow for the transaction price, and then allocating the pricing against the obligations over time allows for a more accurate assessment of the value of a transaction as realized revenue, not sales. This standard was adopted in 2018  both in the US and Internationally, and using ASC606 as the litmus test for assessing the value of a contract, the price fixings as reported to financial markets, goverment agencies and publications within each given market provided an immutable, transparent value model that the world at large can see, and effectively measure other currencies, markets, and transactions against.


Alitheia Holdings is dedicated to creating and maintaining the most transparent, ethically driven, morally upright environment for entrepreneurs to foster a much needed global recovery. The key to such a task lies in the safeguards put into place to control who is allowed to participate in the Ecosystem, the vetting process, and the primary point of participation IS the individual, not an entity allows the most granular approach to transactional quality control possible; a transaction, like a contract, is only as good and reliable as the people executing it. This belief is the cornerstone of the Alitheia Ecosystem, the Alitheia Project, and the only way a global recovery will ever be possible; Alitheia is looking for leaders, entrepreneurial souls, who understand the importance of the work at hand, the bigger picture, and are committed to leaving the world a better place than they found it. Profits and wealth are a byproduct of being a responsible steward of civic virtue, compassion, respect, and this understanding is of paramount importance among the Alitheia Players. Without such a moral code, the idea of a Global Recovery is all but lost, and the Alitheia Project is committed to empowering the Players who pass muster to foster economic growth at the community level by creating jobs, innovation, and overall improvements. Alitheia will provide vertically integrated capital, insurance, business development, key introductions, and a pristine environment for the Ecosystem Players to thrive in. The rigorous diligence process is not only applied to principals and entrepreneurs, but the Business Development Players as well. 


To properly codify High Finance, in its present state, on the Blockchain, insuring backward compatibility with all the industry norms and practices of all the jurisdictions of the world, cannot be done with a single technology, certainly not maintaining any semblance of Fiduciary or Technological Responsibility. The foundation of properly putting High Finance on the Blockchain requires the use of De-Centralized Ledgers, File Storage, and of course the immutable, transparent offering of a stable blockchain such as Ethereum. Separating documents and data is a key tenet in data management in virtually every industry, but especially, financial services. Data breaches are at an all time high, being that data is considered the next major currency of the world, Alitheia took a unique approach to separating the lock from the key, decentralizing the data repositories across multiple protocols and platforms effectively creating a data tumbler providing the most robust data security apparatus available in the Fintech space. This protects the data, but does nothing against spoofing of data or documents, and this is where the multi-platform approach becomes so important. High Finance revolves around documentation, contracts, filings, and certifications in each transaction; the paper trail IS the transactional asset. Using Docusign.com (the industry leader for digital signature and contract management), Alitheia's proprietary Dapp form handlers, Point to Point Encrypted File Management Software, The Decentralized File Storage System (The Interplanetary File System- IPFS for short), and the Ethereum Blockchain, The Alitheia Ecosystem provides all of the necessary safeguards to not only emulate existing standards, but raise the bar to unimaginable heights. Observe. As the documents are sent and received by the Ecosystem Players from Docusign and executed, they are encrypted and ratified by three Ecosystem Players outside of the Transaction, and then subsequently uploaded to the Interplanetary File System , timestamps, metadata, and cryptographic hashes are created at the time of the digital transaction by the IPFS. Taking this raw data from the IPFS, alongside a proprietary, encrypted signature hash of each Ratifying Ecosystem Player in a transaction, the same signatures of the transacting parties, plus a parent signature for the transaction, and finally an envelope checksum for the whole event generated by the final participant, provides the immutable certification of the transaction progeny. This technology approach of document security and anti-fraud protection has never been contemplated, let alone executed prior to the Alitheia Project.  The Alitheia Ecosystem Dapp will be released to all certified Ecosystem Players on 6/1/2021 at 00:00:00. 


The United States represents the pinnacle of Investor Protection, safeguards, and policing of the Global Investment Community. Maintianing compliance with the regulations of the  SEC, FINRA, NASD, Department of Treasury, Secret Service, the US Federal Code, and the State Code of all Fifty States concurrently insures global reciprocity from a legal perspective as well as that of the Internal Standards of the Financial Industry Insitutions such as Banks, Investment Funds, Insurance Companies, and Pension Funds. This top down approach to identify the Venn of acceptable practices for a single fungible security is the final analysis of ten years of research of the Financial Industry, Insurance Industry, Securities Law, Trust Law, US and International Trade Law, Investment Practices and Strategy, Risk Management and Mitigation, and the growth, innovations, and the value propositions of the Fintech Industry. The conclusion was clear, the idea of addressing the debt declaration of the world, real value in cryptocurrency, an appropriate application of Sovereign Wealth and Assets, and a responsible  application of the highest standards of fiduciary and moral responsibility was just not something that was attainable, until now. By operating inside the 506C Regulation D Private Placement Exemption (Federal), requiring a Two Year Lockup Agreement, offering a six month 100% PI Coupon with three rolls and extensions, adhering to Rule 501 for the Investor Threshhold on Ecosystem Cap Raises, and the Qualified Buyer Threshhold of the Section 3C(7) Exemption under the Investment Company Act for Token Investments, wrapping all monetizations in standard financial insurance policies to protect investment principal Alitheia Holdings has in fact created a universally compliant investment vehicle in a fungible security that is exempt from all required filings under US Securities Law as well as State Laws. Taking this construct global, being the next task, was a function of behaving as though the Fund were a fully reporting investment company under the Securities Act of 1933, and the Investment Company Act of 1940, maintaining those records in an encrypted, decentralized repository providing real time, on demand access to host nation regulators and enforcement agencies. 


Alitheia Holdings has identified a select group of Negotiable Instruments, when structured properly, provide seventy to eighty percent LTV effectively creating a monetary multiplier for project finance and small business capitalization. By acquiring these instruments at five to twenty five percent of face value, and being able to borrow at such higher LTVs, the leverage is quite considerable. This vehicle is the foundation for the acquisitions and growth of the Alitheia Trusts, the most perfect vehicle to protect investors and assets both, because the acquisitions are obtained with such high leverage, the net effect is geometric returns for the Token Investors. The key to this process is the underlying projects and the collective value those collaterals represent. Ultimately the lenders ask one question, "In the event of Default, what am I left holding?". Having multiple avenues of recourse for the lenders was absolute in the design of this process, which ultimately allows for the leverage to proceed.


The Global Debt has reached 281T$ and yet nobody is pulling the fire alarm; why? The total wealth of the World has grown to 360T$ (as of 12/31/2020) according to Credit Suisse and the Global GDP in 2020 was 84T$, and that was during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! The idea of economic ruin as advertised by the governing body is over; the world has woken up and is ready for a new dawn. If instead of relying solely on "Assets held" to back a security one were to apply the value of transactional commerce within a globally accepted construct such as a fund, trades within the global consumable commodities markets of Food, Water, Fuel, Energy, Real Estate (rents and purchases), Energy, and Mining as a microcosm compared as a dollar for dollar percentage against the global GDP in the same markets the picture comes into focus of a better measure of stored value within a fungible crypto-asset.  Adding to that an additional data input of small business performance, a marker that represents fifty percent of the US GDP, applying the same percentage calculus against the Alitheia Token Supply, an even more accurate absolute value can be derived. Finally, taking the conventional model of acquiring, holding, and pledging assets to a security in the conventional construct of an asset backed security the idea of bailing the water out of the bilge becomes realistic. Any one of these markers by themselves would require such extreme measures of austerity the people at large would revolt. In the collective construct however, leveraging the collective Global Commerce Standard to directly infuse capital into Main Street creates a very real proposition of geometric returns dedicated to alleviating debt, restoring healthy balance sheets at a Sovereign level, and most importantly, creates real economic value for those actually ON MAIN STREET!


The popular sentiment in the Blockchain community is that the community provides trust in trustless spaces. In many cases, that would be enough, but in the context of trillions, billions, or even simply millions of dollars, this is decidedly not the case. The Alitheia Project, dedicated to providing absolute trust in the Alitheia Token found irrevocable trusts, held by professional, third party trustees as the only real solution. The investment activities of the Alitheia Fund, the acquisitions of Alitheia Holdings, and the equities of the Single Purpose Entities within the Alitheia Ecosystem all being granted to these trusts, effectively separating the assets and underlying values from Alitheia, become the sole benefit of the beneficiaries of the Trusts, making it impossible engage in any malfeasant or other breach of fiduciary with investment dollars. By structure, Alitheia Holdings is the only investor in the Alitheia Fund, and the only shareholder in Alitheia Holdings, is its founder. This design allows the Alitheia Fund to operate as a single investor Family Office, and Alitheia Holdings can unilaterally grant assets and earnings to the Alitheia Trusts without breaching any fiduciary responsibilities. 


The Alitheia Ecosystem provides an inherent toolkit for the serial entrepreneur. Vertically integrating the required governance record keeping, accounting, and outward communications provides a repository with unprecedented security, transparency, and immutability. Entrepreneurs can safely leverage a cradle to grave solution to launch any business with a much higher probability of success. In addition to the record keeping and governance Alitheia's Ecosystem provides all of the necessary Players to raise capital, secure loans, develop business, even contract with governments around the world. No matter how big or small the Entrepreneur's Dream, the Ecosystem can accomodate. The aggregation of all of the key Players to starting and growing a business provides lower friction from the start, and moreover the diligence done by Alitheia on the backgrounds, performance, and current standing of all of the Ecosystem Players creates a much higher probability of success on the projects put forward.

Buyers & Sellers

The  Alitheia Ecosystem provides a point to point, encrypted environment for Buyers and Sellers to transact directly. The lower friction, direct communication, and principal to principal negotiation inherently resolves the Pareto share of problems that lead to failed transactions. This is true of virtually any space where intermediaries, sales representatives, brokers, and other people in the middle are prevalent, and by providing a direct line of communication between buyers and sellers, the likelihood of successful transactions is plainly obvious.  Alitheia performs a rigorous due diligence on all sellers and buyers on the ecosystem. Guaranteeing the integrity of the actors on the platform is the key unique sales proposition found in the transactional space. In addition to diligence on the actors, all of the ancillary negotiations revolving around the transactions are negotiated, intermediaries, paymasters, sales representatives, brokers, facilitators, all relationships and agreements are permanently written to the Ethereum Blockchain. This process absolutely solidifies the environment for principals to conduct business without any interference from third parties. In short, there has never been a more pristine landscape for buyers and sellers to come together, ever.

Intermediaries & Business Developers

In today's world of LinkedIN, Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, Discord, Telegram, and every other possible platform you could imagine doing business on the threat of circumvention, theft, defamation, libel, slander, cancel-culture, and even frivolous lawsuits has never been higher. Most of these problems arise from disputes over commissions, margins, or deal points, and ultimately can be traced back to the game of telephone. Too many people talking, the actual points are lost in translation, diluted in the facsimile, penultimately rewritten and finally kill the deal. The Alitheia Ecosystem ends ALL OF THIS.  Intermediaries and sales professionals joining the Ecosystem have permanently codified contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Their job is solely bring buyers and / or sellers to the Ecosystem. The actual deal points are finalized between the principals and their authorized representatives via the Software Interface. The system programmatically protects the integrity of the transaction, but moreover, it protects the individuals who have done the work bringing the people to the table. Forever. If a principal transacts, anywhere on the Ecosystem, the Intermediary responsible for enlisting that principal will be compensated in accordance with their agreement with said principal. Circumvention is impossible as the Ecosystem is a network of PEOPLE, NOT BUSINESSES. Alitheia provides the ultimate protection for all of its Ecosystem Members by way of Immutable Truth and Transparency.

Entrepreneurs & Investors

Small business owners are and always have been the life's blood of the United States Economy. The 506 Regulation D Private Placement Exemption is the primary method of capital for small businesses, to the tune of over 500B$ annually for the last ten years consecutively.  Entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the Alitheia Ecosystem in the form of a long term Joint Venture between the Ecosystem Member and Alitheia Holdings, built in an Single Purpose Entity for startups, growth, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructure, and vertical and horizontal integrations. All members of the Ecosystem have access to, and make use of the standardized 506C PPM, Subscription Agreement, Lock Up Agreement, the Alitheia Repositories on the Interplanetary File System, and the Alitheia Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Once the necessary documents and filings are completed, the Ecosystem Software will contact Accredited Investors (pursuant to Rule 501 of the Securities Act of 1933) As is the case with all members of the Ecosystem, the Investors too have undergone the Alitheia Due Diligence process and have been verified both as accredited investors, and credible business people of upright character in good standing within the business community. The key to the success of the Alitheia Ecosystem is the elevated standards of the actors participating within it; anyone can certify funds, investor status, a business plan, but real trust can only be certain if the people themselves are held to the highest standards of self governance. 

Broker Dealers & Lenders
The Alitheia Ecosystem provides an environment designed to normalize, standardize, and prepare small businesses seeking growth capital for private placement offerings under the 506c Filing. The Smart Contracts used in our ecosystem programmatically enforce compliance with Rule 506, Accreditation Verification, KYC/AML, Rule 144, and Alitheia is actively working with FINRA members to develop and maintain the highest levels of transaparency, all on an immutable decentralized multi-ledgered system. The Alitheia Ecosystem uses the Ethereum Blockchain, The Inter-Planetary File System, and the Alitheia Ecosystem of Smart Contracts to store the time stamps, content hashes, third party certifications, valuations, and all filings typically associated with private placements for investors and regulators alike in an encrypted, decentralized blockchain and file storage system. The dilligence and preparation work of the Alitheia Ecosystem provides a qualitative, pre-qualified, prepared flow of companies ready to secure a Placement Agent for their debt or equity security. 

Charities and Non-Governmental Agencies
The Alitheia Ecosystem provides a method that will allow charities and Non-Governmental Agencies to fund projects and simultaneously create a residual cash flow by converting a percentage of their tier one capital to Alitheia Tokens once the Qualified Buyer threshold is met. Alitheia is working with celebrities to raise capital for projects in various humanitarian areas including clean water, sustainable food, affordable housing, clean energy, cultural and economic development, and environmental remediation. The

Governments & Federal Agencies

According to the Pew Research Center, American trust in government is near an all-time low. Only 18 percent of Americans say they can trust the government to do what is right most of the time. Reasons for this distrust are numerous and complex, but there’s potential for blockchain to contribute to a reversal of this trend.  Government agencies must fulfill their mission while responsibly managing scarce resources. For government leaders walking this budget tightrope, blockchain may be a much-needed lifeline. In the right context, blockchain solutions could reduce redundancy, streamline processes, decrease audit burden, increase security, and ensure data integrity. To illustrate how blockchain solutions could increase efficiency, consider the federal government’s ongoing challenge with reconciling intra-governmental transfers. At any given time, there are trillions of dollars in unreconciled funds in the federal budget. The process of reconciling these funds is time consuming, expensive, and creates budget uncertainty. A payment and accounting system that used blockchain could provide a permanent audit trail and facilitate faster reconciliation.  The Alitheia Ecosystem provides a vertical integration in the Buy/Sell space with specificity to Government Procurement by way of the Private Sector on the Blockchain. This lowers friction, provides trust and transparency when confidence in responsible spending is at an all time low, and most importantly, as a byproduct improves efficiency and lowers costs to the Tax Payers.  Regardless of what is being procured, Soft Medical Supply, fuel, foodstuff, paperclips, or ordinance, lower costs, faster processing, immutable transparent accounting are critical steps to restoring confidence in government, fiscal responsibility, and maximizing the economy of tax dollars.


Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering and the necessary letters of attestation, both first person attestation and third party attestation (attorneys, accountants, and financial planners) provide the backdrop for the highest standard of dilligence to protect and preserve the integrity of the Alitheia Ecosystem. The KYC/AML/LOA Governance Contract is one of the most important aspects of the Ecoystem. The SEC-KYC/AML/LOA Smart Contract Set publicly displays the anonymized personnel id of the Player, maintain a the log of metadata of the rolling set of filed attestations quarterly, held on  the the InterPlanetary File System (including the URL), maintains that eligibility status via a cross check with the Player Governance Contract, the FInancial Governance Contracts, and is the storage vehicle of the Player's Personal Signature, and derivative footprints across the Ecosystem. 


The key to successful business is firmly rooted in the caliber of the principals. "A contract is only as good as the people who sign it." Alitheia, being Greek for "Truth" is dedicated to creating an environment of the best people to provide a safe, trusted, productive environment that fosters success in business. The Players in the Ecosystem are entrepreneurs at heart, in the classical sense of the word, problem solvers, critical thinkers, men and women of the highest moral fiber, dedicated to making the world a better place than they found it, a legacy for generations to come. The Alitheia Ecosystem is dedicated to building dreams on the Sands of Business, painting Masterpieces of Entrepreneurial Vison, providing the environment to capitalize missions of the greatest importance the world over, decentralizing civic duty, providing upward mobility for ALL OF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD.  Finding these players is the ongoing process, the growth of the Ecosystem is dependent upon the ongoing growth of the players. The Player Smart Contract indexes the Distributed Ledger permanently recording the Player, their Referring Player, and most importantly their Transactional History in the Ecosystem. The Players, their relationships, their Good Will, the body of their work is forever enshrined, protected, and optimally monetized to the Player's benefit as a digital asset, thereby creating an asset to the benefit of their families for generations to come. By governing the Ecosystem Member relationships, permanently encoding relationships on the platform between principals and intermediaries, intermediaries and business developers, business developers and principals, borrowers and lenders, investors and entrepreneurs, all of the members, we have put the totality of the Entrepreneurial Experience on the Blockchian.


the Token Governance Contracts are critical  to the overarching project. The Alitheia Token is the actual security sold to raise the capital to create the necessary negotiable instruments to underwrite the Alitheia Ecosystem Member's capital needs, the Alitheia Platforms, and Alitheia Holdings' acquisitions. The Token Governance Contracts include the Token Supply Contract, Token Resale and Transfer, Token Holder Trust Distributions, Alitheia Trust Accounting Ratification, Token Price Fixing. The Token Governance Contracts include the cryptographic signatures to open and close events, values fixings storage, and most importantly the Token Valuations Signatures and Reporting. The Alitheia Token is the only crypto-asset that pays fiat returns (USD), offers the standard immutable transparent accounting offered in the cryptocurrency space, but uses existing financial industry frameworks, models, and norms to establish, grow, and report value.


Governs the financials, accounting, and reporting of the Alitheia Ecosystem SPEs, the Altiheia Fund, Alitheia Holdings, the Alitheia Trusts, the Alitheia Projects, and the Alitheia Platforms. The FInancial Governance contracts control the investment strategy, SPE capitalization. All of the accounting documents, as stored on the InterPlanetary File System are indexed here, access control is maintained here, and the outbound communications to appropriate individuals, organizations, and agencies are made here. These contracts govern the unprecedented transparency that is Alitheia from the Ethereum Blockchain.


The Transactional Contracts govern the Ecosystem Licensing, Buy/Sell Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Startup and Growth Lending, Manufacturing, Production, SPE Product / IP Licensing, Asset Monetization Loans, essentially, all of the activity of the Transactional Platform found in the Alitheia Dapp. The actual contracts are stored on the InterPlanetary File System, indexed and operated on the Ethereum Blockchain. This contract set represents the underpinnings of the Alitheia Dapp Platform Activity. In summation, the Governance Contracts memorialize transactional behavior on the Dapp between two parties, with a two party audit  and a third party author of Metadata to every transaction.


The Platform Governance Contract set governs the Framework of the Platform, the calls between the nodes, applications, and members. This system of smart contracts are what allow the underlying framework of real value for the Alitheia Token to exist. The permanence, transparency, and immutability of the activities in the Ecosystem provide for a true valuation of commerce, by applying all of the standard metrics within Price to Earnings and Discounted Cash Flow models, using proprietary weightings and comparative analysis to the state, federal, and global snapshots comparatively, the daily token price fixings are generated based on the attestations provided associated with Ecosystem Participation.  The Platform Financials are subsequently audited and certified by Price Waterhouse Cooper monthly, and the audits and certifications of PWC are certified by Ernst & Young quarterly with their updated Token Valuations against the Global Commerce Standard. 


Governs the underlying Project SPEs on each Platform. The contracts, the relationships, and the accounting records are all maintained on the IPFS and certified by the Ecosystem Governance Contracts. These certifications are submitted to Price Waterhouse Cooper for entry and subsequently certified. Once certified the third party certifications are written the IPFS and memorialized on the Ecosystem. Each entry from Project Governance updates the values the Platform Governance and the Platform financials are subsequently audited and certified to update the valuation of the Alitheia Token within Alitheia Token Governance Contracts. These certifications and valuations are used in the Global Commerce Standard in Price to Earnings standard discounted cash flow (DCF) models generally accepted under GAAP. Following the standards in P/E DCF that are used globally.


Governs the assets held by Ecosystem SPEs, Alitheia Holdings, the Alitheia Fund, and the Alitheia Trusts. Governs the Platforms that run parallel to Global Commerce values to establish the Alitheia inputs for the token valuations created by the application of the Global Commerce Standard. The Asset Financials are updated monthly by the SPE CFOs, Real Property, Hard Assets, and Stocks are all valued monthly by PWC, and certified quarterly by Ernst & Young. These certifications and valuations are key components of the Global Commerce Standard in the Price to Book DCF models of generally accepted valuations under GAAP based on the Token Investment Leverage created for the Platforms and Acquisitions, and coming from such firms as PWC and certified by Ernst & Young the market faith and confidence in the analysis becomes certain beyond question. 


Governs the corporate governance, reporting, audits and third party certifications of the Alitheia Ecosystem SPEs, the Altiheia Fund, Alitheia Holdings, the Alitheia Trusts, the Alitheia Projects, and the Alitheia Platforms.

How Does The Alitheia Main Street Private Placement Platform Benefit Small Business Owners?

Would your business grow faster with greater access to affordable capital? Alitheia Holdings, Inc. presents the Alitheia Main Street Private Placement Platform. This platform brings investors, lenders, and small business owners into a dedicated node on the Alitheia Ecosystem, on the Ethereum Blockchain, to streamline growth capitalization, lower the cost of capital, and bring the 506 Regulation D Instrument into the 21st Century! Our platform opens a unique gateway to lenders and accredited investors for Small Business Owners. When you need capital, you can submit your offering to the members of the Ecosystem.  You save time and energy because the lenders and investors on the platform know you have met rigorous qualifications for platform admission, you have cleared all the necessary background checks to be a member of the Ecosystem, and most importantly, your business is sound and viable.

How Does the Private Placement Platform Work For Businesses on Main Street?

The Alitheia Main Street Platform brings the Ethereum Blockchain to business finance. The offerings on the platform are submitted to our network of attorneys, broker-dealers, family offices, lenders, and fund managers. Each offering will be encrypted and transcribed to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), so that Alitheia's network of lenders and subscribing investors will have access to your offering. The offering metadata and IPFS address are  subsequently transcribed to the Alitheia Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain providing all of the transparency and immutability investors in today's financial market crave. The only people who will have access to your documents are verified accredited investors, institutional investors, and sovereign wealth trustees.

How Do You Place Your Business On The Main Street Private Placement Platform?

Alitheia Holdings, Inc. controls admission to the Alitheia Main Street Platform. We license our software only to qualified businesses. Admission to the platform opens the contact door to broker dealers, private lenders, angel investors, and verified accredited investors. As part of that application, you will need to prepare all the standard documents that are associated with a private placement offering, Ecosystem Application, and our standardized financial profile forms. All of this information becomes your corporate profile and offering to the Ecosystem. We provide a list of resources to help you prepare your admission application. Alitheia Holdings will review your documents, offering, and overall market. If you meet our guidelines for admission, then we will proceed to the next steps of formalizing your onboarding process.

How Does Your Business Get Investment Funding on The Private Placement Platform?

Upon submission of your admission application, Alitheia Holdings will review application and may offer direct investment by Alitheia Holdings.  Your offering will also be presented to our network of investors that have subscribed to our platform. Next, your offering will be sent out to our network of Broker Dealers who will pitch your offering to their investors and lenders. This all happens under the parameters of a 506c Regulation D Exemption, whereby the Ecosystem Member SPE is the issuer and has a direct relationship established with the Investor, Family Office Trustee, Sovereign Wealth Trustee, or Institutional Investor. If it is passed on to the Broker Dealer Network,  the Broker Dealer and the Ecosystem Member SPE will have a direct relationship. Alitheia Holdings maintains a licensor / licensee relationship with the Ecosystem Member SPE to use the Financial Offering Software, Ecosystem Network of Investors, Intermediaries, Attorneys, and Businesses.

How Does Your Business Get A Below Retail Loan On  The Private Placement Platform?

In addition to equity investment opportunities for the Ecosystem Member, Alitheia also offers a loan program providing sub-prime loans (Prime minus one and one fifths percent (prime - 1.2%) for qualified programs to qualified borrowers. This rate is locked for the duration of the Licensing Agreement and is another source of very affordable capital. The loan architecture is a traditional mezzanine loan, and is built with consideration of reserving collateral for senior loans. This lending program is primarily designed for access to growth capital and loan terms range from two to ten years. Funding for these loans comes from a variety of sources, including but not limited to the direct sale of Alitheia Tokens to accredited and institutional investors.

Taking US Interests Abroad

The Alitheia Holdings draws upon the Alitheia Ecosystem Licensees first in building Joint Ventures, Public Private Partnerships, and Projects on the Emerging Nations Initiative Private Placement Platform, a global business development platform. Unlike the Main Street Private Placement Platform, the Emerging Nations Initiative Private Placement Platform is entirely International, whereas the former is entirely domestic (US Companies, Ventures, and Investments). The United States represents the largest body of innovative technologies that can improve and enrich the daily lives of people around the world, and the Emerging Nations Initiative's primary focus is to bring those technologies to nations in Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Water Technology Investment Opportunities

Alitheia Holdings is firmly committed to providing chemical free, potable drinking water throughout the Emerging Nations with no out of pocket expense to the host nations. The Water Technology Sector is the crown jewel of Alitheia's Emerging Nations Private Placement Platform. We are constantly seeking out cost effective, chemical free, water purification technologies for reclamation, remediation, and of course human consumption. By leveraging complimentary technologies, products, and services Alitheia Holdings engages in business development via Public Private Partnerships to help facilitate the upward mobility of host nations' communities. 


The second phase of International Agronomy directly involves creating food crops after soil rehabilitation. The Hemp will subsequently be rotated through in a one third, two thirds rotation in favor of growing food. Sorghum, maize, coffee, bananas, wheat, barley, and cashews are a few food crops that have been immediately identified for investment. In addition to growing crops for local food crop, excess crop will of course be monetized.  Food production is critical for stability and ultimately providing upward mobility for the local residents.


The undeveloped and underdeveloped energy and metal resources of emerging nations hold the key to the upward mobility the residents need. Alitheia Holdings will develop these areas in public private partnerships with the local, regional, and national governments to ensure the most sophisticated equipment, most qualified engineers, and highest efficiencies are achieved. Focusing on oil, gas, solar, hydro, and solid waste to energy, an all of the above approach is taken. This diversity allows for an energy profile to be custom tailored to each individual location.


The primary focus of Critical Infrastructure development within the Alitheia Holdings' Private Placement Platform is in power plant, water plant, and textile manufacturing construction (to process the hemp planted).  Using locally grown hemp, locally sourced diatomaceous earth, and local processing, the cost to produce hemp-crete (non-caustic, environmentally sustainable cementitious material) is substantially lower than conventional cements. Leveraging 3D printing technology members of the Alitheia Holdings Ecosystem, coupled with the lower materials cost provides a solid development platform for upward mobility for the residents. Alitheia Construction also features Photovoltaic technologies (glass and thin film laminate).