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​How Does The Alitheia Main Street Private Placement Platform Benefit ​Small Business Owners?

Would your business grow faster with greater access to affordable capital? ​Alitheia Holdings, Inc. presents the Alitheia Main Street Private Placement Platform. This platform brings investors, lenders, and small business owners into a single Ecosystem, on the Ethereum Block​chain, to streamline growth capitalization, lower the cost of capital, and bring the 506 Regulation D Instrument into the 21st Century! Our platform opens a unique gateway to sub-prime lenders and investors. When you need capital, you can submit your offering to the lenders and investors on the platform.  You save time and energy because the lenders and investors on the platform know you have met rigorous qualifications for platform admission.

​How Does the Private Placement Platform Work For Businesses on Main Street?

The Alitheia Main Street Platform brings the Ethereum Blockchain to business finance. The offerings on ​the platform are submitted to our network of attorneys, broker-dealers, family offices, lenders, and fund managers. Each offering will be encrypted and transcribed to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), so that ​Alitheia's network of lenders and subscribing investors will have access to your offering. The offering metadata and IPFS address are  subsequently transcribed to the Alitheia Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain providing all of the transparency and immutability investors in today's financial market crave. The only people who will have access to your documents are verified accredited investors, institutional investors, and sovereign wealth trustees.

​How Do You Place Your Business ​On The Main Street Private Placement Platform?

​​​Alitheia Holdings, Inc. controls admission to the Alitheia Main Street Platform. We license our software only to qualified businesses. Admission to the platform opens the contact door to sub-prime l​enders and verified accredited investors. You will need to complete our Admission Application and pay an application fee. As part of that application, you will need to prepare all the standard documents that are associated with a private placement offering, bank loan application, and a few key forms that the SEC typically requires of Publicly Traded companies. All of this information becomes your corporate profile and offering to the Ecosystem. We provide a list of resources to help you prepare your admission application. Alitheia Holdings will review your documents, offering, and overall market. If you meet our strict guidelines for admission, then we will notify you. We do not discriminate against anyone, but we must follow our internal policies and the law and government regulations in reviewing applications.

​​How Does Your Business Get Investment Funding on The Private Placement Platform?

Upon submission of your admission application, Alitheia Holdings will review application and may offer direct investment by Alitheia Holdings.  Your offering will also be presented to our network of investors that have subscribed to our platform. Next, your offering will be sent out to our network of Broker Dealers who will pitch your offering to their investors. This all happens under the parameters of a 506c Regulation D Exemption, whereby the Ecosystem Member is the issuer and has a direct relationship established with the Investor, Family Office Trustee, Sovereign Wealth Trustee, or Institutional Investor. If it is passed on to the Broker Dealer Network, the Broker Dealer and the Ecosystem Member will have a direct relationship. Alitheia Holdings maintains a licensor / licensee relationship with the Ecosystem Member to use the Financial Offering Software and thereby gain access to the Ecosystem Investors.

​​How Does Your Business Get A​Sub-Prime Loan On  The Private Placement Platform?

In addition to equity investment opportunities for the Ecosystem Member, Alitheia also offers a loan program providing sub-prime loans (Prime minus one and one fifths percent (prime - 1.2%) for qualified programs to qualified borrowers. This rate is locked for the duration of the Licensing Agreement and is another source of very affordable capital. The loan architecture is a traditional mezzanine loan, and is built with consideration of reserving collateral for senior loans. This lending program is primarily designed for access to growth capital and loan terms range from two to ten years. Funding for these loans comes from a variety of sources, including the direct sale of Alitheia Tokens to accredited and institutional investors.

​​The ​Alitheia Ecosystem ​Participants

​The Alitheia Ecosystem for Small to Medium Sized Businesses ​is an environment provided by Alitheia Holdings, Inc. to allow small to medium sized businesses access to the Global Capital Markets. ​Alitheia Holdings will provide access to an ecosystem that can provide rapid, tactical financing to small to medium sized business in various stages of development in ​twelve key marke​ts. ​​​By ​focusing on  these ​twelve sectors, Alitheia Holdings, Inc. ​is assembling a broad and diverse portfolio of​ opportunities for accredited investors, institutional funds, and sovereign wealth funds  to participate in. In addition to ​access to capital, Alitheia Holdings also provides use of the Alitheia Token to collateralize their investment offering on the platform. Once joining the ecosystem, the participant will ​file a 506c Regulation D Offering and all the subsequent documents. This will allow the company to ​generally advertise their offering, accepting only accredited and institutional investors, the participating company will be promoted to the Alitheia Ecosystem participating investors (all accredited and / or institutional investors)​. In 2017, there were 37,785 Regulation D offerings reported on Form D filings, accounting for more than $1.8 trillion raised in new capital, and in 2019, Alitheia Holdings is proud to offer a clear and affordable  path forward to leverage ​506c Regulaton D Instrument on the Blockchain for small to medium sized businesses in all phases of development seeking capital from global investors.

​The Alitheia Ecosystem for Accredited and​ Institutional Investors ​is an environment provided by Alitheia Holdings, Inc. designed specifically to qualify, prepare,  present and hedge investment risk in Main Street businesses in all phases of business development for Accredited and Institutional Investors by allowing businesses seeking capitalization ​through the Ecosystem to issue ​offerings ​backed by Alitheia Tokens, which allow the small business to offer a secuirty that provides guaranteed interest rate, asset backing, and gold conversion of their investors' investment as collateral for their investment offering. Alitheia Holdings is actively building a network of Accredited and Institutional Investors in ​the Ecosystem and is targeting a representative value within the ecosystem of ten billion dollars (10B USD) in available capital by year's end in 2019.  Investors will enjoy a dividend from their project investments in the ecosystem based on gross revenues, at rates ranging from one half percent (0.5%) to two and a half percent (2.5%), with the peace of mind of holding the collateral of Alitheia Tokens, which offers a healthy, guaranteed interest rate, guaranteed by bonds, all of which will be insured, quareterly dividends of ​ five percent (5%) of the general fund's performance, a ten percent (10%) monthly dividend based on the ecosystem licensing revenues, and the ability to convert their principal investment to physic​al gold. (Time Restriction Applies), ​. Alitheia Holdings is proud to offer the Alitheia Token as a one of a kind crypto-asset, offering a guaranteed interest rate, asset backed, gold convertible security to the ​Small Business Community for underwriting and collateralization purposes. 

​The Alitheia Ecosystem for FINRA Members ​is an environment provided by Alitheia Holdings, Inc. designed to normalize, standardize, and prepare small businesses seeking growth capital for private placement offerings under the 506c Filing. The Smart Contracts used in our ecosystem programmatically enforce compliance with Rule 506, Accreditation Verification, KYC, Rule 144, and Alitheia is actively working with FINRA members to develop and maintain the highest levels of transaparency, all on an immutable decentralized multi-ledgered system. ​The Alitheia Ecosystem uses the Ethereum Blockchain, The Inter-Planetary File System, and the Alitheia Ecosystem of Smart Contracts to store the time stamps, content hashes, third party certifications, valuations, and all filings typically associated with publicly traded companies ​for investors and regulators alike in an encrypted, decentralized blockchain and file storage system. ​​​​​​​​​The dilligence and preparation work of the Alitheia Ecosystem provides a qualitative, pre-qualified, prepared flow of companies ready to secure a Placement Agent for their security. 

​​​​​The Alitheia Ecosystem for Business Development Consultants ​is an environment ​provided by Alitheia Holdings, Inc designed to enhance their offering to small businesses looking for Startup or Growth Capital Small. The Ecosystem provides their clients with the ability to guarantee their investor's principal investment with the Alitheia Token. In addition to being able to offer principal guarantees to their investors, small business owners will have access to the network of investors, placement agents, consultants, and the Alitheia Holdings staff to enhance capitalization, improve tax treatments, find collaboration opportunities, identify vertical and horizontal integrations, and identify M&A opportunities. Small business consultant and their clients, with or without Alitheia Holdings participate can operate in many structures including Joint Venture Single Purpose ​Entities, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, or Project based Special Purpose Vehicles. This approach normalizes relationships, provides long term partnerships, and ensures a clearly defined relationship between Ecosystem Licensees and the Business Development Consultants on the platform. 

​Joint Ventures Within the Alitheia Ecosystem ​represents an opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to capture greater market share, vertically integrate, and even break into new markets. The transparency, consolidated reporting, and strict adherence to the Alitheia Ecosystem code of conduct represents a new paradigm in business development. Our ecosystem members represent inherent opportunity for collaboration, by design and admission, to enhance the overall investment opportunity in each business, the Alitheia Token, and the Ecosystem in general. Alitheia Holdings is very selective in who is admitted to ​​​the Ecosystem based on several key elements including innovation, stability, business philosophy, business intent, and track record, to name a few points of consideration. The commitment to the Ecosystem is a long term commitment, ninety-nine years to be specific, and with that commitment, one can be assured that the adoption to the Alitheia philosophy of "rising waters raises all ships" is fully adopted and the standards of transparency, integrity, and decorum that comprise the Alitheia ethos will be maintained. 


​Taking US Interests Abroad

​The Alitheia Holdings draws upon the Alitheia Ecosystem Licensees first in building Joint Ventures, Public Private Partnerships, and Projects ​on the Emerging Nations Initiative Private Placement Platform, ​a global business development platform. Unlike the Main Street Private Placement Platform, the Emerging Nations Initiative Private Placement Platform is entirely International, whereas the former is entirely domestic (US Companies, Ventures, and Investments). The United States represents the largest body of innovative technologies that can improve and enrich the daily lives of people around the world, and the Emerging Nations Initiative's primary focus is to bring those technologies to nations in Africa, South and Central America and Asia.

W​ater Technology Investment​ Opportunities

​Alitheia Holdings is firmly committed to providing chemical free, potable drinking water throughout the Emerging Nations with no out of pocket expense to the host nations. The Water Technology Sector is the crown jewel of Alitheia's Emerging Nations Private Placement Platform. We are constantly seeking out cost effective, chemical free, water purification technologies for reclamation, remediation, and of course human consumption. By leveraging complimentary technologies, products, and services Alitheia Holdings engages in business development via Public Private Partnerships to help facilitate the upward mobility of host nations' communities.

A​gronomy With Hemp Specificity

Alitheia Holdings is actively negotiating land use agreements in public private partnerships with host nations to grow fibrous, non-psychoactive hemp. This crop conditions the soil, provides textiles, polymers, lumber, cementatious materials, and most importantly opportunity for upward mobility for commerce. Alitheia will provide business development and logistics for the subsequent crops, on the job training to enhance the quality of life, sustainability, and growth of the communities being built as part of the E​merging Nations Initiative.


The second phase of International Agronomy directly involves creating food crops after soil rehabilitation. The Hemp will subsequently be rotated through in a one third, two thirds rotation in favor of growing food. Sorghum, maize, coffee, bananas, wheat, barley, and cashews are a few food crops that have been immediately identified for investment. In addition to growing crops for local food crop, excess crop will of course be monetized.  Food production is critical for stability and ultimately providing upward mobility for the local residents.


The undeveloped and underdeveloped energy and metal resources of emerging nations hold the key to the upward mobility the residents need. Alitheia Holdings will develop these areas in public private partnerships with the local, regional, and national governments to ensure the most sophisticated equipment, most qualified engineers, and highest efficiencies are achieved. Focusing on oil, gas, solar, hydro, and solid waste to energy, an all of the above approach is taken. This diversity allows for an energy profile to be custom tailored to each individual location.


The primary focus of Critical Infrastructure development within the Alitheia Holdings' Private Placement Platform is in power plant, water plant, and textile manufacturing construction (to process the hemp planted).  Using locally grown hemp, locally sourced diatomaceous earth, and local processing, the cost to produce hemp-crete (non-caustic, environmentally sustainable cementitious material) is substantially lower than conventional cements. Leveraging 3D printing technology members of the Alitheia Holdings Ecosystem, coupled with the lower materials cost provides a solid development platform for upward mobility for the residents. Alitheia Construction also features Photovoltaic technologies (glass and thin film laminate). ​

​Why ​Invest In ​Opportunities In The Alitheia Ecosystem

Unprecedented Transparency

Companies that continue to wrestle with whether they must transparently disclose reliable information about their business footprint are missing a dangerous point. They’re breaking the law. While several non-financial reporting regulations have recently been enacted, including the UK Modern Slavery Act, you can go all the way back to the 2010 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act where its legislature reminded companies that slavery and human trafficking were already crimes; that several California based companies were breaking them; and that consumers, absent of public disclosures made by these same companies, were inadvertently sanctioning such crimes through their purchase of products.

If this is the new standard that market forces are demanding with their wallets, legislatures are demanding with laws, not just in the United States, but globally, what better solution than the ​blockchain.  When coupling a globally accepted ​blockchain like Ethereum with the Inter-Planetary File System, (commonly referred to as IPFS), the solution begins to take shape for the world of High Finance. The Alitheia ​Ecosystem.

Alitheia Holdings, Inc. wholly embraces the philosophy of complete transparency in investing. All proposals, term sheets, contracts, receipts, transfers, payments, financials, and relevant reports are all recorded to IPFS, which being decentralized in and of itself creates a permanent record of every handshake in a deal, and is indexed on the Ethereum ​blockchain for permanent reference that anyone in the world can look up and verify the status of any project within the Alitheia​ Ecosystem.  

Further yet, every monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting from every project entity within the ​ecosystem is verified and certified by an independent accounting and investment firm providing two additional levels of investor protection. Without the completion of this accounting process, ​their investment opportunity is not made available, regardless of filing status with the SEC. This element alone sets the Alitheia standard of ​Financial Accountability miles above any other​ environment promoting private placement investment opportunities for small to mid-sized businesses.

Immutable Accounting

The word “immutable” is heard frequently when people speak about blockchain. The consistency of the blockсhain structure implies the inability to make adjustments to the data after they are recorded in a distributed database. This is achieved due to the main property of blockchain — decentralization, when the individual parts of the network responsible for the authenticity of transactions are autonomous and not connected to a common server.

To protect data in blockchain, the author of the record creates an access key. If changes are made to the block, the previous key becomes invalid, and it becomes visible to all network participants who, by a simple majority of votes, may prevent any further unauthorized actions. Thus, it makes it impossible to proceed with changes to the information stored in the blocks, and this is one of essential qualities of blockchain as a technology and how Alitheia protects investors. When each document set is uploaded to the IPFS a unique hash is created, that hash is part of the index on the Ethereum Blockchain written by the Alitheia Smart Contracts in real time. This creates a permanent cross reference, both points immutable and decentralized. One containing the actual documents, encrypted, and the hash and address recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain. This is the very definition of permanent accounting.

​Having the actual paperwork on the IPFS, including Alitheia's Certified financials, which are also reported to the SEC (effective Q4Y19)  ​coupled with the file hash, timestamp, and the other metadata recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain by Alitheia Holdings, is the most transparent, permanent financial accounting system proposed to date. 

​This level of reporting has never been contemplated by small to mid-sized businesses, and that is why their capital costs what it does, why their access to capital is as limited as it is; however, their embrace of blockchain, decentralization, permanance and total disclosure will usher in a new era of Small Business Growth. The Alitheia Ecosystem is designed specifically to bring global capital to Main Street by way of Wall Street. 

​Principal Guarantee

​All investment opportunities on the Ecosystem are guaranteed in Alitheia Tokens.  In the event of a project defaulting, all investors will be issued Alitheia Tokens equal to the amount of their investment. All companies participating in the Ecosystem have entered into a long term Income Sharing Agreement with Alitheia Holdings, the revenues from these agreements, coupled with the investment dollars raised in Alitheia Holdings' own private placements for  long term investments are made in Commercial Real Estate, Precious and Critical Metals, Oil and Natural Gas, and Agricultural and Water investments. Thirty Three Percent (33%) of these acquisitions are pledged to the Alitheia Token Holders by way of the Alitheia Token Trust, an irrevocable trust naming the token holders as the sole beneficiary.

​Tokens earn three percent (3%) in annual interest, a quarterly dividend of five percent (5%) of the fund profits derived from investments, and ten percent (10%) of the monthly revenues from the Income Sharing Agreements from ecosystem participants.  After three years from the date of receipt the tokens may be redeemed for Alitheia Gold Coins (21 karat, one ounce (1 oz.) rounds). The value of each token is determined by taking the Net Absolute Value of all of the hard assets, gold on deposit, cash on hand, and future earnings of all ecosystem participating companies.  

Each investment opportunity in the Alitheia Ecosystem offers a complete business plan, financials of both the company and its officers, all press releases to date, an SEC  Form 3 (not filed with the SEC), a two page hot sheet, and a private placement memorandum at their initial admission to the Ecosystem. In addition, they agree to behave as if they were a full reporting company, filing all of the parallel paperwork that is required of publicly traded companies. These filings are not made to the SEC, but are made to Alitheia Holdings. As a participating investor, you will be given  a decryption key that will allow you to review all the documentation available from each of the participating entities.  10K, 10Q, 8Q, Quarterly Projections and Earnings, and Year End Reports are certified by the CFO of each company, and uploaded to the IPFS by Alitheia Holdings pursuant to their License Agreement with Alitheia Holdings.  ​Alitheia reviews all of this information internally, and works dilligently to insure ​investors are presented with only the best investment opportunities.